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Hoop Guide

If you'd like to create your perfect hoop, just follow our guide below to ensure you get exactly what you want.

Gauge -  What's gauge?

The thickness of the barbell that goes through your piercing hole. The smaller the gauge size, the thicker the hoop. The chart below shows you the thickness between sizes.

If you have a hoop piece that you love to wear, just measure the gauge to find out which size you should pick.

Diamater - What's diameter?

The distance between your piercing hole to the widest point of your ear or nose, depending on the piercing type.

Use a ruler to get the exact measurement. The best fit for you will depend on your ear shape. The most popular sizes for a snug fit are 6mm, and for a looser fit 12mm.

Below, we've provided a few examples for different piercing types.


Now that you're a pro, go on and create your perfect fit!

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