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Find your NOSE perfect Fit!

The best way to find out the correct size for your nose piercing is to ask your personal piercer. If that’s not possible, here’s a simplified guide to help you determine the best size for you.

First, you need to start by choosing the finish for your piercing!

We have 3 finish colors available for your piercing

  • Gold Vermeil
  • Rose Gold Vermeil
  • Sterling Silver

Once you've chosen the finish for your piercing, it’s time to pick the size.

To determine the size of your piercing you need to take two measurements: GAUGE and DIAMETER

It's really important to emphasize that combining these two measurements will give you the perfect fit for your nose jewelry.

GAUGE refers to the thickness of the wire. 

We make our jewelry with 22G, 20G, 18G, 16G and 14G wire. 

But the most common gauges for nose piercings are, in order of demand: 22G, 20G and 18G.

Fun fact: The higher the gauge number, the thinner the wire. For example, 22G (the most common wire for nose piercings) is thinner than 20G (gun pierced earrings - for reference).

Now that you know the gauge of the wire for your nose piercing, it’s time to select the diameter!

DIAMETER refers to the inner diameter of the ring

Diameter is a very important measurement when choosing your piercing.

A smaller or larger diameter will be what contributes most to the final aesthetics of a tighter or wider piercing.

The most common diameter for nose piercings are, in order of demand: 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, 6mm.

So if you like a look with a tighter piercing, you should choose a smaller diameter.If you like a look with a wider ring, you should choose a larger diameter.

If none of these sizes suit you, don’t worry! We also offer custom sizes. Just send us an email with your request to 



Take a cm/mm ruler (a string or piece of paper works just as well!) and measure from the center of your nose piercing to the base of your nose.


If you want the ring to fit snugly, add 1mm to your measurement.

Ring size = A + 1 mm


If you want a little space between the hoop and your nose (loose fit), add 2 mm or 3 mm to your measurement. 

If you need more, you can add the extra mm's you need to your measurement.

Ring size = A + 2mm (or the extra mm you need)

By combining the two measurements: Gauge/Diameter, you get your perfect  piercing size! EX: 22G/8mm.

When in doubt between sizes always choose the larger size.

Do you still have any doubts?

Before placing your order, if you have any doubts, don't hesitate to send us a message at . We're happy to help!