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With proper care, your jewelry will look as good as new, for many years to come!

Here are some useful tips and tricks for keeping your pieces looking beautiful.

Store your jewelry (especially Sterling Silver) in a dry safe place, such a jewelry box or pouch when not being worn. Oxygen, moisture and other chemicals may tarnish or dull the metals.

If you're not going to be wearing a piece for a while, don't leave it sitting out. A small ziploc bag works great!

Allow perfumes & body lotions to dry before wearing your jewerly to prevent tarnishing

"We do recommend avoiding prolonged exposure in chlorine, pools, hot tubs and spas."

Remove any jewelry before sleeping to prevent any occidents or breakoges

Remove any jewelry before working out to prevent accidents or breakages

Polish your jewelry gently with a soft cloth or specialist jeweiry cleaning cloth

Your jewelry was made to make you shine brighter , and it's happiest when you're wearing it! Above all, wear them A LOOOOTTTT, and they will shine even brighter!